The beauty business of Christian Louboutin

The eye makeup colors introduced this time have unexpected colors in addition to the basic black and brown: Eyeliner has introduced red, and eyeliner has introduced blue-green.

According to Catherine Roggero, the new mascara has a sparkling effect on the ingredients (but not that particularly dazzling color). The packaging material is not the black plastic used in most mascara, but brass. It can be used almost as a pencil. .

The eye makeup series has the same distribution model as lipstick. The latter sells about 50 SKU products (SKU: Minimum Inventory Unit) through four types of channels. Nail polish has about 100 sales points worldwide and 115 fragrances, including 65 Christian Louboutin shoe brand stores and online businesses.

Overall, the eye and lip beauty products are the core of the driving brand beauty business. The positioning of 50 US dollars for nail polish and 70 US dollars for mascara is also very luxurious. According to Catherine Roggero, Christian Louboutin makeup can be used not only for personal use, but also as a gift to others. Mascara boxes are similar to jewelry boxes.

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