CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Introduces Fragrance Series for the First Time

Christian loves the changing mood and identity of women, and this love is the inspiration behind his creation. Different from only using a fragrance to limit women. Christian Louboutin launched three fragrances – Bikini Questa Sera, Tornade Blonde and Trouble in Heaven – to exert magic on women and let them feel pure pleasure, allowing them to choose to express different emotions and cravings at different moments.

The woman is the muse behind the new 30ml fragrance bottle design. Christian’s idea is to create a scent bottle that can evoke all the cravings of the people, and is light and easy to carry. It is always accompanied by ladies during the journey of life.

The bottle design reveals Christian’s sculptural design elements: beautifully intertwined gradient effects, elegant and luxurious golden proportions and touching delicate graceful lines. Each bottle uses the logo’s color tone: Bikini Questa Sera On the deep glow of the Egyptian sunset, Tornade Blonde shone with dazzling gold and warm red, and Trouble inHeaven was enchanted with deep purple. Each bottle of scent is placed in a stylish white gold tray containing a note written by Christian, and tells the message of love and his love for every woman.CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Introduces Fragrance Series for the First Time

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