ROUGE LOUBOUTIN Red Diamond Limited Series

Christian Louboutin believes that regardless of whether it is a gift to a friend, a lover or himself, that gift should make people feel beyond the charm of time and space. He loves to collect treasures from all over the world. The sheer number of treasures is reminiscent of Alibaba’s mystery treasures. Not only does he own the collection, he also presents various gifts to his friends. Christian Louboutin said: “I love giving gifts to express my heart – this not only represents my love for this item, love is deep enough to allow me to buy it; it also contains my unique feelings of deep love arising from its coexistence.”

Metalissime Rouge Louboutin Red Diamond Limited Edition is the first time that Christian Louboutin has given the classic red-tone make-up Rouge Louboutin a festive flavour. It was inspired by his enthusiasm for giving gifts. However, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Christian Louboutin was once again inspired by the inspiration of 100 red diamond limited gift boxes, which include popular silk satin lipstick, lip glaze and nail polish, extending the extraordinary charm of red tone makeup. Red Diamond Limited series of packaging are full of bright red with a shiny metallic luster, and crowned with a magnificent shiny golden cap, so that your Valentine’s Day distributed with intoxicating limited sweet light.

Metalissime Rouge Louboutin’s unique formula of silky-satin lipstick, lip glaze and nail polish in the limited series of red diamonds combines pure color particles with pearlescent light in polar crystals. A jewel-like Chinese New Year holiday makeup. The red diamond limited series is like taking you through the glory of returning to the glory days of the old vintage Disco dance. The dancer’s lips and fingertips are adorned with dazzling crystals and sequins, sparkling in the sparkling light and blooming.

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