Red Temptation Lights Enchanting Desire

Christian Louboutin’s branding story begins with a touch of bright red nail polish. More than 20 years ago, Christian Louboutin suddenly dreamed of applying red nail polish to the soles of shoes to achieve legendary red soles and successfully captured the hearts of women around the world. Twenty years later, the essence of red sole shoes is like a red line and is a source of inspiration for the creation of Christian Louboutin’s makeup series. Since 2014, the brand has inherited a series of bold and beautiful “beautiful things” to continue its legends with this timeless brilliant achievement. Rouge Louboutin red nail polish that has become popular around the world has been launched, red lips color inspired by jewelry has been introduced, and passion is being created. Eye Oeil Vinyle red tone eyeliner. Designers are intrinsically engaged in makeup industry with their inherent sense of temptation, playfulness and dramatic effects, creating a new and beautiful country and releasing the femininity of women all over the world.

With her unique creativity, Christian breaks through the traditional frame of thought and inspires women to boldly try unexpected bright makeup. In February of this year, Christian will once again create another chapter for the classic red-tone Rouge Louboutin, introducing the new Les Yeux Noirs lacquer mascara and Loubibelle Lip Oil, which will combine the classic red essence into these two new “beautiful things”. .

Christian is convinced that the eyelids and lips are the most emotional and emotional part of the female face. Nothing can highlight them more than a touch of bright red. He once said: “When a woman applies red lipstick, it means that she has enough confidence to show these qualities. She dominates people’s impression of her and conveys very strong and powerful information. This is also a strong signal. It seems to say: “Look at my face.” Rouge Louboutin red is the ultimate temptation color, and the new two red tone makeup can show a gorgeous color, highlighting the extremely attractive and charming, emitting a confident atmosphere with a dangerous charm. The ladies can match Les Yeux Noirs Mascara and Loubibelle Lip Oil according to their preferences. They can freely reveal the changing emotions of the goddess of charm, capture the eyes with the hot eye and the seductive lips, and instantly move the heart.