Christian Louboutin red soles trademark was invalidated

On February 6, Maciej Szpunar, legal advisor of the European Court of Justice, stated that the color and shape of the product may not be recognized as a valid trademark, which means that Christian Louboutin’s “Red Shoe” rights protection road has been blocked.

The design of red-soled shoes was born in 1992, and later this classic style often “crashes” with other brands. For example, Dutch high street footwear brand VanHaren, Christian Louboutin sued the brand in 2014, and VanHaren that red shoes is an invalid trademark, anyone can use this design.

Sanjay Kapur, partner of Potter Clarkson, a law firm, said that if the court determines that the trademark is invalid, Christian Louboutin will not be able to sue the competitor, and the style of red-soled shoes may become full, which is a heavy burden on the brand image. Hit.