The history of Christian Louboutin

The use of red as a sole can be traced back to a long time: in the Louis Xiv period, only the aristocratic man could make the heel red. At the time of expensive red dye, only the nobles can afford, but later because of the French Revolution with the red shoes slowly fade out of people’s sight. After second Century, the famous Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen wrote a story in “The Red Shoes”, after the story of a beautiful and lovely girl wearing a magic red shoes kept dancing. Louis Xiv wore red leather shoes in seventeenth Century.

The 1936 classic fairy tale “the wizard of Oz” released “to consolidate ties with the magic of the little red shoes”. If it is hard to say who will create the red shoe, it will not be Christian Louboutin, but there is no doubt that Christian Louboutin has the greatest efforts in the red shoes, and its influence is also the biggest.

In the early 90s of the last century, Christian Louboutin invented the red shoe. Shortly after the establishment of Christian Louboutin, the princess Caroline of Morocco fell in love with the red shoes of Christian Louboutin, and then a craze of red bottom shoes was launched in Hollywood. After twenty years of persistence and hard work, we must know that the red bottom is only Christian Louboutin when the fashionable women in the world see the red bottom. That’s why Christian Louboutin can’t tolerate other brands producing “red bottom shoes”.

Louboutin is only concerned with customers who spend money on shoes

At the age of 12, he and his friends in the Folies Berg re as an apprentice, his idea is for those on the stage dancer shoes design. Christian Louboutin says it’s a good way to see the dancers. Because they usually wear thin shoes, feet conspicuous is the source of strength. He was doing chores including: send letters to help technicians those dancers, sewing, pasting shoes on sequins, give hair, makeup, responsible for errands.

On one occasion, he asked why those dancers often buy thin slices of beef. The answer is that they are not used to eat, but are padded in shoes, so that the soles can be cushioned when dancing.

Christian Louboutin started looking for jobs at the age of 18. He contacted all the fashion houses through telephone yellow pages. After that, he got the opportunity to intern with the famous shoemaker Charles Jourdan, and made shoes for famous brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel and Maud Frizon.

Christian Louboutin launched a luxury nail beauty bar in Paris

Paris’s guerrilla shops are not the first collaboration between Christian Louboutin and Mandarin Oriental Hotel. In October 2017, Mandarin Oriental Hotel stated that Mandarin Oriental Hotel Tokyo would be the first hotel to reach a partnership with Christian Louboutin to provide branded nail polish and four luxury nail art manicure services.

As early as May 2017, Christian Louboutin announced that it had entered into a partnership with the New York nail salon Tenoverten to provide title services and a full range of nail polish in the latter’s stores.

Following the announcement of the cross-border beauty makeup industry in the summer of 2014, Christian Louboutin’s beauty business has been “out of control” after the launch of its first “high price” nail polish. Prior to this, the brand has launched lipsticks, photo filters, and apps. Products such as perfumes and eye make-ups also tested offline stores, such as the beauty boutiques opened in March 2015.

The beauty business of Christian Louboutin

The eye makeup colors introduced this time have unexpected colors in addition to the basic black and brown: Eyeliner has introduced red, and eyeliner has introduced blue-green.

According to Catherine Roggero, the new mascara has a sparkling effect on the ingredients (but not that particularly dazzling color). The packaging material is not the black plastic used in most mascara, but brass. It can be used almost as a pencil. .

The eye makeup series has the same distribution model as lipstick. The latter sells about 50 SKU products (SKU: Minimum Inventory Unit) through four types of channels. Nail polish has about 100 sales points worldwide and 115 fragrances, including 65 Christian Louboutin shoe brand stores and online businesses.

Overall, the eye and lip beauty products are the core of the driving brand beauty business. The positioning of 50 US dollars for nail polish and 70 US dollars for mascara is also very luxurious. According to Catherine Roggero, Christian Louboutin makeup can be used not only for personal use, but also as a gift to others. Mascara boxes are similar to jewelry boxes.

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Introduces Fragrance Series for the First Time

Christian loves the changing mood and identity of women, and this love is the inspiration behind his creation. Different from only using a fragrance to limit women. Christian Louboutin launched three fragrances – Bikini Questa Sera, Tornade Blonde and Trouble in Heaven – to exert magic on women and let them feel pure pleasure, allowing them to choose to express different emotions and cravings at different moments.

The woman is the muse behind the new 30ml fragrance bottle design. Christian’s idea is to create a scent bottle that can evoke all the cravings of the people, and is light and easy to carry. It is always accompanied by ladies during the journey of life.

The bottle design reveals Christian’s sculptural design elements: beautifully intertwined gradient effects, elegant and luxurious golden proportions and touching delicate graceful lines. Each bottle uses the logo’s color tone: Bikini Questa Sera On the deep glow of the Egyptian sunset, Tornade Blonde shone with dazzling gold and warm red, and Trouble inHeaven was enchanted with deep purple. Each bottle of scent is placed in a stylish white gold tray containing a note written by Christian, and tells the message of love and his love for every woman.CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Introduces Fragrance Series for the First Time

Red Temptation Lights Enchanting Desire

Christian Louboutin’s branding story begins with a touch of bright red nail polish. More than 20 years ago, Christian Louboutin suddenly dreamed of applying red nail polish to the soles of shoes to achieve legendary red soles and successfully captured the hearts of women around the world. Twenty years later, the essence of red sole shoes is like a red line and is a source of inspiration for the creation of Christian Louboutin’s makeup series. Since 2014, the brand has inherited a series of bold and beautiful “beautiful things” to continue its legends with this timeless brilliant achievement. Rouge Louboutin red nail polish that has become popular around the world has been launched, red lips color inspired by jewelry has been introduced, and passion is being created. Eye Oeil Vinyle red tone eyeliner. Designers are intrinsically engaged in makeup industry with their inherent sense of temptation, playfulness and dramatic effects, creating a new and beautiful country and releasing the femininity of women all over the world.

With her unique creativity, Christian breaks through the traditional frame of thought and inspires women to boldly try unexpected bright makeup. In February of this year, Christian will once again create another chapter for the classic red-tone Rouge Louboutin, introducing the new Les Yeux Noirs lacquer mascara and Loubibelle Lip Oil, which will combine the classic red essence into these two new “beautiful things”. .

Christian is convinced that the eyelids and lips are the most emotional and emotional part of the female face. Nothing can highlight them more than a touch of bright red. He once said: “When a woman applies red lipstick, it means that she has enough confidence to show these qualities. She dominates people’s impression of her and conveys very strong and powerful information. This is also a strong signal. It seems to say: “Look at my face.” Rouge Louboutin red is the ultimate temptation color, and the new two red tone makeup can show a gorgeous color, highlighting the extremely attractive and charming, emitting a confident atmosphere with a dangerous charm. The ladies can match Les Yeux Noirs Mascara and Loubibelle Lip Oil according to their preferences. They can freely reveal the changing emotions of the goddess of charm, capture the eyes with the hot eye and the seductive lips, and instantly move the heart.

ROUGE LOUBOUTIN Red Diamond Limited Series

Christian Louboutin believes that regardless of whether it is a gift to a friend, a lover or himself, that gift should make people feel beyond the charm of time and space. He loves to collect treasures from all over the world. The sheer number of treasures is reminiscent of Alibaba’s mystery treasures. Not only does he own the collection, he also presents various gifts to his friends. Christian Louboutin said: “I love giving gifts to express my heart – this not only represents my love for this item, love is deep enough to allow me to buy it; it also contains my unique feelings of deep love arising from its coexistence.”

Metalissime Rouge Louboutin Red Diamond Limited Edition is the first time that Christian Louboutin has given the classic red-tone make-up Rouge Louboutin a festive flavour. It was inspired by his enthusiasm for giving gifts. However, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Christian Louboutin was once again inspired by the inspiration of 100 red diamond limited gift boxes, which include popular silk satin lipstick, lip glaze and nail polish, extending the extraordinary charm of red tone makeup. Red Diamond Limited series of packaging are full of bright red with a shiny metallic luster, and crowned with a magnificent shiny golden cap, so that your Valentine’s Day distributed with intoxicating limited sweet light.

Metalissime Rouge Louboutin’s unique formula of silky-satin lipstick, lip glaze and nail polish in the limited series of red diamonds combines pure color particles with pearlescent light in polar crystals. A jewel-like Chinese New Year holiday makeup. The red diamond limited series is like taking you through the glory of returning to the glory days of the old vintage Disco dance. The dancer’s lips and fingertips are adorned with dazzling crystals and sequins, sparkling in the sparkling light and blooming.

Christian Louboutin red soles trademark was invalidated

On February 6, Maciej Szpunar, legal advisor of the European Court of Justice, stated that the color and shape of the product may not be recognized as a valid trademark, which means that Christian Louboutin’s “Red Shoe” rights protection road has been blocked.

The design of red-soled shoes was born in 1992, and later this classic style often “crashes” with other brands. For example, Dutch high street footwear brand VanHaren, Christian Louboutin sued the brand in 2014, and VanHaren that red shoes is an invalid trademark, anyone can use this design.

Sanjay Kapur, partner of Potter Clarkson, a law firm, said that if the court determines that the trademark is invalid, Christian Louboutin will not be able to sue the competitor, and the style of red-soled shoes may become full, which is a heavy burden on the brand image. Hit.